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Baseline Arch Linux image with an open, trustable & inspectable origin. Regularly updated and tagged
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Minimal Arch Linux docker image with trustable, traceable & inspectable origin


This project contains a script,, which uses a slightly modified Arch bootstrapping script from this project to create an Arch Linux root filesystem archive suitable for use in a Docker container.

The filesystem used in the greyltc/archlinux container on the Docker registry is in the tar.xz file in this repo. Feel free to inspect it to prove to yourself that it's safe before using it in your project!


Get the trustable, AUTOMATED BUILD prebuilt image from

docker pull greyltc/archlinux

or alternatively build it locally yourself from the source repository like this:

  1. Install dependencies
    Use your favorite Linux distro's package manager to install the following commands/packages: fakechroot, fakeroot, chroot, xz, coreutils, wget, sed, gawk, tar, gzip, git, docker, bash
  2. Clone the Dockerfile repo
    git clone
  3. Build the root file system archive
    cd docker-archlinux
    ./ # this generates a new root filesystem archive: archlinux.tar.xz
  4. Build your baseline Arch Linux docker image
    docker build -t archlinux .
  5. Profit.

Once you have the image, you could take a look inside:

docker run -i -t greyltc/archlinux bash
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