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Hybrid coupling of SUMO and JuPedSim using protobuf via gRPC
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Container grgrlmml/hybrid_sumo_jps

This container provides a hybrid coupling of SUMO and JuPedSim.

Some useful ways to run this container

The following line runs a small test scenario and writes the output to the local folder test. If folder test does not exist an new one will be created.

docker run -v `pwd`/test:/root/mnt grgrlmml/hybrid_sumo_jps /root/gRPC/sumo/build/docker/

Similar to the previous one but this time building brand new versions from svn/git of SUMO and JuPedSim before the actual run is performed.

docker run -v `pwd`/test:/root/mnt grgrlmml/hybrid_sumo_jps /root/gRPC/sumo/build/docker/

You may also run any ordinary SUMO scenario with the coupling approach. In this case all pedestrian facilities such as sidewalks, crossing or the like will be transferred to JuPedSim while the motorized traffic is still simulated with SUMO. Provided your sumo configuration file's name is sumo.sumocfg and it resides together with all other input files in folder some/local/folder the docker command would be:

docker run -v some/local/folder:/root/mnt grgrlmml/hybrid_sumo_jps /root/gRPC/sumo/build/docker/

In order for docker to find all input files it is important that they are given as relative paths in sumo.sumocfg. All outputs from the run will be written to some/local/folder/

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