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Commonly used extensions added. Store configs in an application CVS. Convenient for development.
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Convenient Php image with extensions

This image is designed for convenient development. Store PHP configs in your application CVS and mount to a container.
Added commonly used PHP extensions and libraries to official PHP-fpm images.
Small disk size thanks to alpine linux.

Windows Example

mkdir etc
docker run --rm -d -v c:\\www\\etc:/usr/local/etc grikdotnet/php:7.1-fpm-alpine 
... edit configs
docker-compose up


Assuming your document root folder is called wwroot\ and is located in your application folder.

  1. Create a local "etc" folder within your project
  2. Start a container with etc folder mounted, php configs will appear in a mounted folder
  3. Edit php.ini and fpm configs, enable or disable extensions by renaming files in etc/php/conf.d
  4. Restart the php-extensions container
  5. Commit php configs to the project VCS

If you use docker in Linux for development, it is convenient to have the user and group ID inside a docker container synchronized with the user and group ID in your system. Check www-data id in your system, and add yourself to the www-data group.

$ id www-data
uid=82(www-data) gid=82(www-data) groups=82(www-data),82(www-data)
$ sudo usermod -a -G www-data $(whoami)

The value is hard-coded by official image maintainers. It can be changed by extending the image.

Extensions added

List of extensions and dependent libraries added to the official PHP image.

In :5.6-fpm-alpine and :7.1-fpm-alpine :

  • Apcu
  • Bcmath
  • GD, with webp support in php 7
  • igbinary - a serializer for redis and memcached
  • memcached, configured with igbinary serializer and sessions support
  • mysqli
  • pgsql
  • pdo_mysql
  • pdo_pgsql
  • Redis with and sessions support and igbinary seralizer
  • XSL
  • Xdebug (disabled)
  • Zend OPcache enabled

In **:7.1-fpm-imagemagic

  • Latest ImageMagick executable, library and PHP extension
  • WEBP support - an efficient image format for web
  • FLIF support - new efficient lossless image format

Disk consumption:

  • 104 MB for PHP 5.6
  • 118 MB for PHP 7.1
  • 175 MB for PHP 7.1 with ImageMagic
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