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A simple server for Imagr

The server will dynamically generate imagr_config.plist from a list of workflows in /imagr_repo/workflows and then serve the plist over HTTP.


imagr-server expects a password to be set using the IMAGR_PASSWORD environment variable.


$ IMAGR_PASSWORD="password" imagr-server -repo /path/to/imagr_repo
Use -serve to serve the repo over HTTP.
$ IMAGR_PASSWORD="password" imagr-server -repo /path/to/imagr_repo -serve

Docker usage

docker pull groob/imagr-server
docker run -it --rm \
  -p 80:3000 \
  -e IMAGR_PASSWORD="password" \
  --name imagr-server \
  -v /path/to/repo:/imagr_repo \

API usage

imagr-server now supports GET/PUT/DELETE operations on workflows.
I use uuidgen to name files based on UUID
When the file is saved as a plist, the UUID becomes the filename.
When returning JSON, the UUID will become an ID.

Example API usage to add/remove workflows:

$ curl -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -X PUT -d @test.json "http://imagr/v1/workflows/$(uuidgen)"
$ curl -X DELETE http://imagr/v1/workflows/E77EBEF4-D55B-4743-BEB8-B26E4C87E73F


Install the latest Go distribution.
Ensure you have a GOPATH defined. For example:

mkdir ~/go; export GOPATH="$HOME/go"

Go get imagr-server and its dependencies:

go get -u

Build it:

cd "$GOPATH/src/"; go build

You should now find the output binary imagr-server in the current working directory.

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