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blocks-concurrent-subscriber subscribes the progresses of jobs with blocks concurrent batch board of magellan-blocks.
When the progresses are notified, blocks-concurrent-subscriber updates the status of the job and inserts the logs on mysql.


Download the file from
and put it somewhere on PATH.


$ blocks-concurrent-subscriber -c config.json

Configuration file


Field Type Required Description
datasource string True String to connect your MySQL database like root:@/database1?parseTime=true
sql map[string]string False Settings to update pipeline_jobs or to insert pipeline_logs
sql.update-jobs string False SQL Statement to update pipeline_jobs
sql.insert-logs string False SQL Statement to insert pipeline_logs
agent map[string]string False Settings to work with blocks-concurrent-batch-agent
agent.root-url string True The root URL to the blocks-concurrent-batch-agent to launch pipelines
agent.organization string True The organization ID on the blocks-concurrent-batch-agent to launch pipelines. See for more detail.
agent.token string True The access token to the blocks-concurrent-batch-agent to launch pipelines. See for more detail.
subscriptions []map[string]string False Array of subscription setting
subscriptions[] map[string]string False subscription setting
subscriptions[].pipeline string True The pipeline name. You can set any name you like
subscriptions[].subscription string True The full qualified subscription name
message-per-pull int False The number of messages per one pulling. Default: 10
interval int False The interval time in second to next pulling. Default: 10
log-level string False The one of debug, info, warn, error, fatal, panic. Default: info
patterns []map[string]string False Array of pattern setting
patterns[] map[string]string False pattern setting
patterns[].completed string False The condition to match with message completed attribute. Match any message completed attribute if blank
patterns[].level string False The condition to match with message level attribute. Match any message level attribute if blank
patterns[].command []string The command and arguments when the conditions matches

Variables in SQLs

These SQLs allow to use variables which starts with $.
You can use the following variables in SQLs.

Name Type Description
pipeline string Pipeline name
progress int Progress reported from blocks-gcs-proxy
publishTime time.Time The time published by blocks-gcs-proxy
completed string true if the job on blocks-gcs-proxy is completed
level string The level of the progress notification from blocks-gcs-proxy
data string The data of the progress notification message from blocks-gcs-proxy
now time.Time The current time
(other) string The attribute value fetched by Name


datasource must have parseTime=true option to parse datetime column value.


  "datasource": "root:@/database1?parseTime=true",
  "sql": {
    "update-jobs": "UPDATE pipeline_jobs SET progress = $progress, updated_at = $now WHERE id = $app_id AND progress < $progress",
    "insert-logs": "INSERT INTO pipeline_job_logs (pipeline, publish_time, progress, completed, log_level, log_message) VALUES ($pipeline, $publishTime, $progress, $completed, $level, $data)"
  "agent": {
    "root-url": "",
    "organization": "organization1",
    "token": "password1"
  "subscriptions": [
      "pipeline": "pipeline1",
      "subscription": "projects/proj-dummy-999/subscriptions/pipeline1-progress-subscription"
      "pipeline": "pipeline2",
      "subscription": "projects/proj-dummy-999/subscriptions/pipeline2-progress-subscription"
  "message-per-pull": 100,
  "interval": 10,
  "log-level": "debug",
  "patterns": [
      "completed": "true",
      "command": ["bin/rails", "r", "Model.complete('%{app_id}')"]
      "level": "fatal",
      "completed": "false",
      "command": ["bin/rails", "r", "Model.fatalError(%app_id}, '%{data}')"]

app_id is the ID to determine the record which is inserted by your application.
You have to pass the ID to your job message to blocks-concurrent-batch-agent or pipeline_job_topic.

Docker image

Docker image groovenauts/blocks-concurrent-subscriber is available.

docker pull groovenauts/blocks-concurrent-subscriber:${TAG}
docker run -v /path/to/config.json:/config.json groovenauts/blocks-concurrent-subscriber:${TAG} /blocks-concurrent-subscriber -c /config.json

About available ${TAG}, see

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