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Firebird 1.5 Super Server for amd64 based on Debian Etch.
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This image is based on firebird2-super-server_1.5.3.4870-12_amd64.deb package from Debian Etch for amd64 architecture. It is not intended to be used directly, but rater to serve as a FROM image in the final deployment image.
The default password for the sysdba user is masterkey.
The image exports volumes /var/log and /var/lib/firebird2/system. Note that you MUST have security.fdb located in the system directory or the server will fail to start.
If you don't plan to change any security.fdb entries after deployment it is best to make a new image from this one and do the appropriate changes with RUN statements in Dockerfile.
Note that you will need to export a data volume as well.
Security note: This image is based on deprecated software, and is no longer supported by Debian. Use with caution!

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