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Imagemagick on minideb:jessie
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ImageMagick on AWS Lambda

ImageMagick can be easily run on AWS Lambda to perform image manipulation by means of SCAR.

Local Usage

Assuming that you want to use the /tmp directory for input and output image files:

docker run --rm -v /tmp grycap/imagemagick convert 

Usage in AWS Lambda via SCAR

You can run AWS CLI in AWS Lambda via SCAR to automatically perform image manipulation (for example to convert to grayscale) on files uploaded to the inputfolder of the scar-test S3 bucket by using the following procedure:

  1. Create the Lambda function
scar init -s examples/imagemagick/ -n lambda-imagemagick -es scar-test grycap/imagemagick
  1. Upload a file to the S3 bucket
aws s3 cp /tmp/homer.png s3://scar-test/input/homer.png

The converted image to grayscale will be available in s3://scar-test/output/homer.png

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