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Virtual Machine image Repository & Catalog - VMRC
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A Virtual Machine Image Repository & Catalog - VMRC

VMRC is client-server system (based on Web Services) to index Virtual Machine Images (VMI) along with its metadata (OS, applications, etc.). It supports matchmaking to obtain the appropriate VMIs that satisfy a given set of hard (must) requirements and soft (should) requirements.

It is useful as a catalog of VMIs that can be stored on the VMI repository systems of the different Cloud Management Platforms (such as OpenNebula or OpenStack) or on public Clouds (such as Amazon Web Services). This way, customized VMIs are indexed in VMRC and applications can query, as an example, for a VMI based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with Java and Octave already installed.

This will only deploy the VMRC server (not the web-based GUI). If you prefer to use the web-based GUI instead to interact with VMRC, please see the grycap/vmrc-web Docker Hub repository.

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Web page:

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Execute as:
docker run --name vmrc-web -d -p 53500:8080 grycap/vmrc
It will leave VMRC listening to port 53500 on the Docker Host. Other port can be chosen, if required.
The endpoint for the VMRC server will be http://ip:53500/vmrc/vmrc

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