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C++, Boost, Qt 5, gcc, clang, etc. build environment
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Repository of Docker images

See also for the built images.

2016, Georg Sauthoff



Layered on top of the official Fedora 25 image. Includes
everything one needs to compile a >= C++11 project that uses
relatively recent version of Boost/Qt5/libxml2 etc.

Also includes:

  • cmake, make, ninja
  • bison, flex, ragel
  • gcc + static analyzers, cmake

The entrypoint of the container is /usr/bin/sleep infinity,
such that one can easily use docker exec to execute build
scripts. See
for examples.

The container has configured an unprivileged default user (nomen
est omen: compile-user) such that all exec commands are executed
as normal user without root privileges, by default. You can still
specify the root user with the docker exec command, though. This makes
sense for the CI use-case, especially when the setup steps aren't
large enough to warrant for building another Docker container
image layered on top of this one. Example:

$ docker exec --user root devel dnf -y install botan-devel


Based on Fedora 25, contains all runtime dependencies to run unittests of a C++/Boost/Qt5 project.

For executing GUI unittests in a headless environment, it
contains Xvfb, the virtual framebuffer X server. That X server is
the entrypoint of the container.

tree-model/.travis.yml for an example.


Based on Fedora 23, contains everything to cross-compile a C/C++/Boost/Qt5 project to Windows (64 bit).

tree-model/.travis.yml for an example.


Based on Fedora, contains everything to run console based windows binaries (64 bit) under wine.

Automated Builds

The docker images available at
are automatically created when something is pushed to this github

Besides simplifying the deployment this should also increase the
transparency of the created binary images.

Note that until 2016-04-03, the cxx-devel/runtime images were published as
standard docker repositories. Not as automated builds. On 2016-04-03 those old
repositories were deleted and replaced with automate build repositories that
have the same names.

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