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An EMDR relay implementation in Go
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EVE Market Data Relay (EMDR) is a distributed network for handling EVE Online market data. This image is everything you need to run a relay of your own.

Before you start

First, send an email to gtaylor (at) gc-taylor (dot) com with the following info:

  • The IP address that your relay will be connecting to our announcers from.
  • The ISP your relay is on.
  • The geograhical region your machine is located.
  • The name you'd like to put on your entry in the relay list.

Relay setup

Once you have received word that we've opened up access to the announcers, set up the following command in your choice of process supervisor:

docker run --restart=always -p 8050:8050 --name emdr gtaylor/emdr-relay-go

You'll want this to run any time your machine starts. See Docker's article on Automatically Starting Containers. This is a requirement for any public relay!

Let me know when you are running (and auto-starting at boot) and we'll add you to the relay list.

Updating your emdr-relay-go image

We make changes to the relay periodically, necessitating the updating of your local image and container. The best way to do this is to pull the new image, then restart your container:

docker pull gtaylor/emdr-relay-go

Depending on your process supervisor (systemd, launchd, upstart, supervisor), you should just be able to restart your relay unit after running the docker pull and be good to go.

Join the mailing list!

For important announcements, make sure to join the EMDR mailing list!


Post an issue to our issue tracker if you have any questions, ideas, or problems.

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