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EVE Corporation Management -
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This Docker image will allow you to set up an instance of ECM on your Ubuntu 14.04 server. The assumption is that this server is already running a container with a website at port 80, so this will setup ECM on port 800.

Initial Commands

sudo docker pull gtremlor/ecm

sudo docker run --restart=always --name ecm -p 800:80 -p 4443:443 -i -t -d gtremlor/ecm /bin/bash -c "/etc/rc.local && while true; do echo hello world; sleep 100; done"

sudo docker exec -i -t ecm bash

Run and follow prompts as below, replace <<text>> with your info:
sudo ecm-admin create /var/www/ecm_instance
[ECM] Database engine? {oracle|sqlite|postgresql|mysql} [default=sqlite] mysql
[ECM] Database host? [default=localhost] localhost
[ECM] Database name? [default=ecm] ecm
[ECM] Database user? [default=ecm] ecm
[ECM] Database password? [default=ecm] ecmdbpassword
[ECM] Email of the server administrator? (for error notifications) <<YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS>>
[ECM] Email used as "from" address in emails sent by the server? <<ECMADMIN@EXAMPLE.COM>>
[ECM] Embedded server listening address? [default=]
[ECM] Embedded server listening port? [default=8888] 8888

Run the following commands:
sudo ecm-admin init /var/www/ecm_instance

sudo ecm-admin load /var/www/ecm_instance -f

sudo cp /var/www/ecm_instance/examples/apache_mod_wsgi_vhost.example /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/001-my-ecm-instance.conf

sudo chown -R www-data /var/www/ecm_instance

crontab -e
Add the following line at the end:
*/5 * * * * /usr/local/bin/ecm-admin manage /var/www/ecm_instance update --cron --silent
sudo <<yourusername>>
sudo nano /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/django/conf/
Add the IP address of your server to ALLOWED_HOSTS.
For Example, ALLOWED_HOSTS = ["123.456.789.123:800"]

Email Setup (Example for Gmail Relay)

Run the following command:
sudo nano /var/www/ecm_instance/settings.ini

Edit the [email] section to relay to Gmail:
admin_email = <<YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS>>
host =
port = 587
use_tls = True
host_user = <<YOUR GMAIL ADDRESS>>
host_password = <<YOUR EMAIL PASSWORD>>
default_from_email = <<ECMADMIN@EXAMPLE.COM>>
server_email = <<ECMADMIN@EXAMPLE.COM>>

Launch ECM and Log In

sudo ecm-admin init /var/www/ecm_instance

sudo service apache2 restart

Navigate to your Hostname on port 800. For example:

Login with:
username: admin
password: adminecm

This container as run above also has port 4443 open if you want to setup SSL. You will need certs and a bit of know-how to get it set up. Also, there are two files inside the folder:
that will need to be changed. They are password_reset_email.txt and activation_email.html. You will want to change all instances of ":800" to ":4443" to ensure emails sent to users have the correct links. Don't forget to adjust allowed hosts as described above.

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