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HTTP tunnel service based on
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Ngrok tunnel

HTTP tunnel service based on ngrok and docker.

Get the image

$ docker pull gtriggiano/ngrok-tunnel

...and use it

$ docker run -it  -e "TARGET_HOST=servicetotunnel" -e "TARGET_PORT=5000" -p 4040 gtriggiano/ngrok-tunnel

Env vars (options)

TARGET_HOST: mandatory

TARGET_PORT: mandatory

NGROK_REGION: one of [us, eu, ap, au], default us


The ngrok traffic inspection service and it's GUI are exposed on the port 4040 of the container.


When working on a project I often need to demo the functionality/design/whatever of the apps I'm working on, to some collegue.

I heavily use docker in my dev-to-production process to ensure the maximum portability of the software.

With ngrok-tunnel I can easily integrate an HTTP tunnel service in my docker-compose.yml(s), letting peoples connect via browser to my running-on-localhost apps from wherever they are!

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