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Raneto 0.11
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Knowledgebase in a Docker container using Raneto

Raneto is an open source Knowledgebase platform that uses static Markdown files to power your Knowledgebase.

This docker container is to setup Knowledgebase available in a container to start your centralised documentation in seconds.

More details about the project can be found here

How to use docker container

The simple and quick way to use this container is as follows.

Software required to use docker container

  • Docker (Tested version 1.13.0)

Steps to use container

  • Pull the Raneto image from the docker hub
docker pull appsecco/raneto
  • Clone the repostiory for sample configuration and content
git clone

cd raneto-docker
  • Make changes for configuration if required in config/config.default.js

  • Then you are ready to run the Knowledgebase

docker run -v `pwd`/content/:/data/content/ -v `pwd`/config/config.default.js:/opt/raneto/example/config.default.js -p 3000:3000 -d appsecco/raneto
  • Then navigate to http://localhost:3000

  • If you want to add more content to the Knowledgebase. Just add your directories (or) markdown files to the content folder in host system. It will update automatically

Please feel free to make a pull request or tweet to me @madhuakula for improvements and suggestions

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