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Apache Traffic Server based on latest Ubuntu Docker image. With fix of "top" commands
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Apache Traffic Server on Ubuntu

  • ATS Ver: 5.2.0
  • Ubuntu: 14.04
  • ATS Installation path: /opt/ats
  • Exposed port: 8080


  • Install docker on your host OS
  • Start ATS<br>
    On host OS: <br>
    docker exec -it ats /opt/ats/bin/trafficserver start <br>
    In container: <br>
    docker run -ti -p 17070:8080 --name ats guhuaping/ats /bin/bash


  • if you are not in container session, attach to container first
    docker attach ats
  • finish your configurations
    cd /opt/ats/etc/trafficserver/
  • update settings
    /opt/ats/bin/traffic_line -x


  • Check port mapping is correct, the hit ATS HTTP
    docker port ats
      8080/tcp -> 
    If use all default settings, you will see "Not Found on Accelerator" error message. That means ATS started, but configuration is not finished, check records.config, remap.config and others.
  • use traffic_top, traffic_logstats and traffic_logcat, check status and logs.

This is for ATS test only, do not use in Production. <br>
If user want to mount host directory by -v /SHARED_ATS_CONFIG/:/opt/at/etc/trafficserver, make sure in records.config the port = 8080<br>
proxy.config.http.server_ports 8080

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