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This image contains the "frontend" package needed for development, deployment, test and build phase.

The base image is based on Debian, NPM and NodeJS are installed natively without any backend technology.

Here's the list of "technology" installed on this image :

  • Debian
  • Apache (Just for Vhost purpose)
  • Curl
  • Zip/Unzip
  • Wget
  • Git
  • NodeJS (7.x)
  • NPM
  • Meteor
  • Typescript
  • Mocha
  • Protractor
  • Karma
  • Angular II (CLI mode)
  • ReactJS (CLI mode)
  • VueJS (CLI mode)



The 1.0 version has been merged for security and updated versions reasons.

Here's the list of the enhancements:

  • Protractor installed and configured
  • Karma installed and configured
  • Angular CLI installed
  • VueJS CLI installed.
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