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Unofficial implementation of Amazon Redshift inside a Docker container.
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Docker Amazon Redshift

This is an unofficial implementation of Amazon Redshift inside a Docker container. At this time, the container is merely PostgreSQL 8.0.2 running on port 5439 inside the container. No other changes have been made to make it more closely match the behavior of Redshift.

There are two variants: one based on Debian Jessie and another based on Alpine 3.5. The Dockerfiles and entrypoint scripts are closely based on those used in the official Postgres images.

How to use the image


docker run -d --name my-redshift guildeducation/docker-amazon-redshift

Port 5439 is set via an EXPOSE command so it should be available to linked containers. Optionally, you can map it to the host:

docker run -d -p 5439:5439 --name my-redshift guildeducation/docker-amazon-redshift

Persisting Data

In order to have data persist between container runs, map the PGDATA directory to a volume. This variable is defaulted to /var/lib/postgresql/data:

docker run -d -p 5439:5439 -v /path/on/host:/var/lib/postgresql/data --name my-redshift guildeducation/docker-amazon-redshift

initdb is run on the PGDATA directory automatically on container start

Setting a password

It is recommended to set a password for the default postgres user:

docker run -d -p 5439:5439 -v /path/on/host:/var/lib/postgresql/data -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=your_password --name my-redshift guildeducation/docker-amazon-redshift

Environment Variables

  • PGPORT - port Postgres will run on. Default is 5439.
  • PGDATA - Data directory for Postgres. Default is /var/lib/postgresql/data.
  • POSTGRES_PASSWORD - password for the database user. Default is no password.
  • POSTGRES_USER - Sets a different user to run the database under. Default is postgres.
  • POSTGRES_DB - Sets the name of the db that is created during the initdb run. Note the default postgres db will be created anyway.
  • POSTGRES_INITDB_ARGS - Sets additional initdb args.
  • POSTGRES_INITDB_XLOGDIR - Defines a different location for the Postgres transaction log
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