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Odoo 8 docker container

Postgressql db

run a postgres container like this :

docker run --name mypostgres -d guilhem30/postgres

postgres autocreate a root user and write the password to docker logs

Start an odoo container

You need to specify PSQL_ROOT_PASS for odoo to create a user automatically with randomly generated password or PSQL_USER and PSQL_PASS to use an existing user able to create databases

docker run --name myodoo -d --link mydb:odoo-database -p 80:8069 -e "PSQL_ROOT_PASS=yourpass" guilhem30/odoo

All startup options configuration

Here are the following environments variables and their default values that you can modify when running the container :

autostart                 true
autoconf                  true
autonginx                 true
ADMIN_PASS                odooadmin    
PSQL_HOST                 odoo-database
PSQL_PORT                 5432
PSQL_USER                 odoo
PSQL_ROOT_USER            root
PSQL_ROOT_PASS            None : need to be filled if you want odoo to auto-create the postgres user
PSQL_PASS                 randomly generated if not specified
ODOO_PORT                 8069

Run a shell in the container

Use docker exec to run a bash process in an existing container

docker exec -t -i container_name bash
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