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Clustered Infinispan Server running in domain mode (access to the admin console)
Full Description

Clustered Infinispan Server domain mode Docker image

Quick Start

First launch the master that host the domain controller. The variable SLAVES must contain
the number of slaves that the cluster will have so that proper credentials can be created
beforehand. For a 3 node slave:

docker run -it --name master -h master -e "SLAVES=3" gustavonalle/infinispan-server-domain

Then launch the slaves, giving the proper host names:

docker run -it --link master:master -h slave1 gustavonalle/infinispan-server-domain
docker run -it --link master:master -h slave2 gustavonalle/infinispan-server-domain
docker run -it --link master:master -h slave3 gustavonalle/infinispan-server-domain

To access the admin console, first obtain the master IP:

docker inspect --format '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' master

and then go to


Credentials are admin/admin

MacOS users only

To be able to reach the containers by their IP directly, the following route can be added:

sudo route -n add `docker-machine ip default`

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