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GroundWork Monitor Enterprise
Full Description

GroundWork Monitor 7.0.2 Enterprise

Product Description

GroundWork Monitor provides performance and availability monitoring for:

  • Docker containers
  • Linux containers
  • OpenStack
  • Hypervisors
  • Virtual servers
  • Applications
  • Networks (including SDNs)
  • Storage
  • Physical devices.

The Docker container version is a complete, pre-packaged version of GroundWork optimized for running as a Docker container. This allows for:

  • Quicker deployment
  • Faster launch times
  • Monitoring Docker environments when used with BoxSpy
  • Monitoring other IT infrastructure outside of the Docker environment, allowing for complete end-to-end visibility of your IT environment.

System Requirements

  • Docker Hub 1.3 or newer.
  • 4GB or more available memory
  • 20GB of available disk space. Can be an NFS mount or local directory

Install instructions

There are two ways to get the GroundWork Monitor docker image into your environment


  • To build the image, simply invoke:
    sudo docker build -t groundwork_docker

    Use pre-built docker image

  • A prebuilt container is also available in the docker index:
    sudo docker pull gwos/groundwork-docker-container


  • After the image was created run the container with the following command:
    docker run -it --name gwos-702 -h HOST-NAME -v LOCAL-STORAGE:/home/groundwork/data -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro -p 80:80 groundwork_docker


  • HOST-NAME needs to be resolvable because authentication uses intercept/redirect
  • LOCAL-STORAGE is the directory were the persistent data is stored between runs
  • The container runs on port 80. Make sure that you don't have another Apache on the same host
  • Once the container is created it can be started and stopped with the commands:
    sudo docker start gwos-702 or sudo docker stop gwos-702
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