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Bleeding edge alpine:edge based on nextcloud
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NEW: Now with nextcloud branch starting from 10.x

Based on, inspired by and ripped off from:


You may need to tune the init and dockerfile to your needs. The current setup facilitates migration from existing installations, but the code from the inspirational sources for starting from scratch is still there and can be reused

This owncloud install comes with a running redis server for caching, but I use a separate redis container

I switched to an owncloud package which requires an external database server, thus you'd need to link to an existing database container

this is my command, as an example:
docker run -d -v <data volume / folder on host>:/media/owncloud --link=<your great database container exposing port 3306>:db --link=<redis container>:redis -p <external port>:80 --name="<givemeaname>" gymnae/owncloud

your data volume / folder should have the following structure - pre-fill for migration or let owncloud fill it for a virgin install

Please prepare a database in your your database container and have it's login data ready for install when starting for the first time

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