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Subversion with apache.
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SVN Apache

Subversion with apache in a docker container.

This container is meant as a simple appliance to get svn up and running over webdav.
The apache web-server is used for the webdav interface.

This container should not be used as a stand-alone solution in production.
It is configured to use basic authentication over an unencrypted connection.
Please either change the configuration or use this container with an SSL-proxy.


The main apache configuration file is located at /etc/apache2/httpd.config.
The rest of this section assumes that you are using the configuration file provided with the container.


With the default configuration port 80 is exposed.

SVN repository directory

The default repository directory is /var/svn.
You can mount a host volume to this path using the -v argument (e.g. -v /custom/path:/var/svn).


The default authentication scheme is basic.
The password file is located at /etc/svn/auth.htpasswd.
New users can be added using the following command:

htpasswd -c -m /etc/svn/auth.htpasswd <username>


The default is configuration relies on path authorization using the file /etc/svn/authorization.
A simple example file for path authorization looks like this:

* = r
<username> = rw

Running the container

This is a simple example mounting host volumes for the svn repository and configuration.
The default port (80) is mapped to 8080 on the host.

docker run --name svn -v /custom/repo/path:/var/svn -v /custom/config/path:/etc/svn -p 8080:80 -d svn-apache


You can do administrative tasks by launching a shell in the running container.

docker exec -it <name of svn container> sh

Create a new repository

From within the container execute

svnadmin create <name of repository>
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