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Dockerfile for youtrack to run under tomcat.
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Dockerfile for youtrack to run under tomcat. Tomcat is needed to have a context path so that it can placed in sub location like, standalone youtrack.jar does not work in the case. Youtracks runs under localhost:8080/youtrack.
All youtrack data is placed in the directory mapped to /var/lib/youtrack in the container. As extra bonus dockerized youtrack is registered as ubunutu service docker-youtrack and a front-end server ngnix is configured.


  • ubunut >= 12.00 as host system
  • working docker installation
  • standard nginx installation

run it as service

create data folder for youtrack

$ mkdir -p /var/lib/youtrack

download image and run container

$ docker create -t -i -p 8080:8080 -v /var/lib/youtrack:/var/lib/youtrack  --name docker-youtrack h2000/docker-tomcat-youtrack

register docker youtrack service

copy file _etcinit/docker-youtrack.conf to /etc/init/

start the service

$ service docker-youtrack start

nginx setup

copy _etc_nginx_sites-available/youtrack file to /etc/nginx/sites-available

change your server name in the youtrack file

link /etc/nginx/sites-available/youtrack to /etc/nginx/sites-enabled

$ ln -s /etc/nginx/sites-available/youtrack /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/youtrack

reload nginx

$ service nginx reload

build it

$ docker build -t h2000/docker-tomcat-youtrack .
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