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Fluentd with fluent-plugin-aws-elasticsearch-service
Full Description

Small fluentd image based on alpine linux, imports ruby gems from another container where they are compiled, removing a lot of dev dependencies and making the image smaller.

Usage example

# Run fluentd
docker run \
  --name "fluentd" \
  --restart always \
  -p 24224:24224 \
  -v /var/log:/var/log \
  -v /tmp:/tmp \
  -v /etc/fluent:/etc/fluent \
  -d habitissimo/fluentd-aws-es


FROM alpine:latest
MAINTAINER Hugo Chinchilla <>

RUN apk update 
RUN apk add ruby && rm -r /var/cache/apk/*

# Install native extensions
ADD ruby/ /usr/lib/ruby/

RUN gem install fluentd fluent-plugin-aws-elasticsearch-service --no-document --clear-sources

ENTRYPOINT ["fluentd"]
EXPOSE 24224
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