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Short Description service packaged in a single Docker
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Provide the current version of the API in a self contained container.

This is a Docker image is maintained by the Dockerfile located at It provides an all-in-one Docker image that runs the required redis and postresql services along with the Crypton API.

To run this docker, run the following command on a Docker capable Linux system:

$ docker run --name crypton -d -t -p 1025:1025 hackafrog/crypton:0.1 /usr/bin/supervisord

You can now access the crypton service locally on port 1025. (Docker maps port 1025 on your Docker host to port 1025 in the container.)

Note: There is still more work to be done with this Docker. All of your data is stored INSIDE the container, so make sure you do not 'docker rm' the instance. Also, to restart your crypton container use docker start:

$ docker start crypton

You can also safely stop it using docker stop:

$ docker stop crypton

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