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Hubot Control deployment with Docker
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Hubot Control

Control self-hosted Hubot like a boss!


Start a Postgres instance

docker run --name hubot-control-db -d -e USER="docker" -e DB="hubot_control" -e PASS="docker" paintedfox/postgresql

Create a data-only container to store Hubots

docker run --name hubot-control-data -v /usr/src/hubot-control/hubots busybox

Run database migrations

docker run --rm --link hubot-control-db:db -e RAILS_DB_USERNAME="docker" -e RAILS_DB_PASSWORD="docker" hackedu/hubot-control bundle exec rake db:migrate RAILS_ENV=production

Start Hubot Control

docker run --name hubot-control -d --link hubot-control-db:db --volumes-from hubot-control-data -e RAILS_DB_USERNAME="docker" -e RAILS_DB_PASSWORD="docker" -p 3000:3000 hackedu/hubot-control

Hubot Control will now be running on port 3000 of your system. Whenever you
create a hubot , you'll want to restart Hubot Control and publish their HTTP
ports (-p flag).

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