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Docker Image to run Elixir-lang 1.0.4 and Phoenix 0.13.1
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Docker Image for Running Elixir 1.0.4 and Phoenix 0.13.1

This is based on marcelocg/phoenix-docker but runs Phoenix 0.13.1.

To use this image in your docker-ized phoenix app start your Dockerfile with this:

FROM hacker314159/docker-elixir-phoenix-v0.13.1

To just pull down this image from hub.docker and play around with it:

docker pull hacker314159/docker-elixir-phoenix-v0.13.1

docker images | grep phoenix
# hacker314159/docker-elixir-phoenix-v0.13.1   latest  12345abcdef

docker run -ti 12345abcdef /bin/bash
# to enter the docker container

iex -v
#=> Elixir 1.0.4

mix help | grep phoenix
#=> mix     # Create a new Phoenix v0.13.1 application
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