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Microservice to render POD-Templated ODT-Files into PDFs given the contextual data.


  • simple API to render ODT to PDF files
  • super tiny (less than 120 lines of python)
  • simple API_KEY-environment-variable to keep things secret
  • support for appy-pod templates
  • downloads the file for you
  • etag-based caching support

Features of Docker:

  • fully stand-alone microservice
  • includes libreoffice-backend
  • includes all necessary python requirements
  • includes caching backend based on literedis
  • includes supervisord for both libre-office service and flask app
  • exposes port 5000 for your convenience


It's a post to /render/template/API_KEY with a json payload looking like this:

    template: {
        url: "",
        headers: {
            // optional headers to pass through to requests
            "X-AUTH-EXTRA": "SECRECT"
        // any extra data is passed to the requests.get
        auth: ["A", "B"]
    format: "PDF",
    // optional support for the target format. Default: PDF.



Easiest to just deploy with docker. Just run the following:

export API_KEY=`tr -dc A-Za-z0-9_ < /dev/urandom | head -c 16 | xargs`
docker run --name odt2pdf -p 5000:5000 -e API_KEY=$API_KEY hackership/odt2pdf
echo "You can now access your odt2pdf server at http://localhost:5000/"
echo "And the API key is $API_KEY"
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