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WebDAV CGI on Docker
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WebDAV CGI on Docker

This is for running WebDAV CGI on docker.

Consider this experimental. There is still some work to do until all of this
has been upstreamed properly.

  • [ ] get the webdavcgi-1.0.0 ebuild into gentoo proper
  • [ ] add packages needed to exploit all of the features from webdavcgi (soffice, mysql, whatever else floats my boat) as well as use flags in ebuild
  • [ ] switch to an official gentoo base image


Start up a webdavcgi instance on port 80

docker run -d -n webdavcgi hairmare/webdavcgi

Attach to the instance

sudo nsenter --target `docker inspect --format '{{.State.Pid}}' webdavcgi` --mount --uts --ipc --net --pid

Add users

useradd -m test
htpasswd -c /etc/webdavcgi-1.0/default/users.htpasswd test

Login at http://localhost.

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