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x/84 Python BBS
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x/84 Docker image

This is a docker image for running an installation of the x/84 BBS software. It is based on the ubuntu:16.04 Docker image.

This will build a fully-contained environment with all of the operating system and Python dependencies necessary to run an ssh/telnet/https setup of x/84 -- including dosemu, libssl, and libffi.


The image exposes the following ports:

  • 6022 - ssh
  • 6023 - telnet
  • 8443 - https


The image exposes the following volumes:

  • /home/x84/.x84 - Data files
  • /home/x84/bbs - Custom scripts
  • /home/x84/x84-sftp_root - SFTP root


The image comes complete with dosemu and a basic setup. It attempts to route the D: drive in dosemu to /home/x84/bbs/dos within the image. This is where you should place your doors, FOSSIL drivers, and utilities.

Build it

To build it yourself rather than using a prefabricated image, check out the x/84 Dockerfile GitHub project.

Automated build

An automated build triggered via the GitHub repo is available in the haliphax/x84-auto Docker image.

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