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Guacamole with mysql authentication and connection storage.
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Guacamole configured with mysql authentication.

default username: guacadmin

default password: guacadmin

guacd runs from a separate container.

Mysql database stored in a persistant data container. Be sure to protect it from being erased.


Randy Hall


Build from docker file:

git clone
cd guacamole-mysql/datavolume
docker build -t hall/guacamole-data .
docker run -i -t --name guacamole-data hall/guacamole-data /bin/true
cd ..
docker build -t hall/guacamole-mysql . 


Launch a mysql container attached to your datavolume and the guacamole daemon.

docker run -d --name guacamole-mysqldb --volumes-from guacamole-data -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=guacamole stackbrew/mysql
docker run -d --name guacamole-guacd hall/guacamole-guacd

Now you can launch guacamole-mysql

docker run -d --link guacamole-mysqldb:mysql --link guacamole-guacd:guacd -p 8080:8080 hall/guacamole-mysql

Browse to http://your-host-ip:8080

Username: guacadmin

Password: guacadmin

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