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statbot is a simple irc bot which tracks all the joins and parts of users in an irc channel. From that data, charts can be generated which show the best day and hour to catch someone online.

Statbot Internals


The statbot core is nothing more than an instance of EventEmitter. It periodically (at the request of various modules) emits one of three unique events, which the various modules subscribe to.

  • join is emitted whenever a new user comes online. It has one paramater, the username of the newly joined user.
  • quit is emitted when a user leaves the channel. Like join, it has one username parameter.
  • The tick event is statbot's heartbeat. It's emitted every 1 minute, and has no paramaters.


The actual bot logic is organized into a bunch of modules, found in src/modules/ Each module has a single defined purpose. That way, the code is nice and clean, plus it's easier to test. Desired modules (listed in src/ are each loaded in order, and the function it exports is called, with the bot object and any config settings for that module as an argument. (Yes, this is very similar to the scheme used by hubot).

Server adapters (choose one)

These modules connect to a chat server, and tell statbot to emit the join and quit events whenever the corresponding action happens in a chatroom.

  • irc_bot constructs an irc bot (using node-irc) which sits on an irc server in a list of specified channels.
  • statrabbit hooks into elementary's RabbitBot. If you enable this, make sure to disable irc_bot.

Required modules

  • ticker: this module causes statbot to emit the tick event as described above.
  • scribe maintains counters which track how many seconds every user has been online on every hour of every day.
  • users maintains a list of all the users statbot has seen, along with their status (online or offline).
  • prophet makes predictions about the probability of a user being online at a given day and hour, using the data gathered by ticker.
  • api runs a web server to generate online probability graphs using prophet's predictions.

Extra modules (optional)

  • logger just logs user activity to the console. Useful during debugging.
  • persistence writes all counters to disk on every tick, and also restores the last counter dump at bot startup. Enable this if there's any chance whatsoever of the bot crashing. For best results, load after scribe.
  • shnatsel implements logging all actions to datafiles in the format supported by shnatsel's presence-log-parser. Coming soon!


Normal install

git clone
cd statbot
make install

Open up src/ in your favorite editor and configure to taste. Make sure you change the irc server and nickname.

All set! To run statbot, use either make run or make daemon.

For use with RabbitBot

cd /path/to/rabbitbot
cd lib
git clone
cd statbot
make install

Open up src/ in your favorite editor, and...

  • Change the datafile location as shown in the comments.
  • Edit the modules array, replacing irc_bot with statrabbit.
  • Delete the irc configuration block.
  • Modify the rest of the settings to taste.


make compile
cd ../..

Edit RabbitBot's app.js file, and add the following line:

require('./lib/statbot/lib/modules/statrabbit.js').init(client, commands);

That's all! Just run RabbitBot as usual, and everything will Just Work.

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