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Short Description
Postfix Admin is a web based interface used to manage mailboxes, virtual domains and aliases.
Full Description


What is this ?

PostfixAdmin is a web based interface used to manage mailboxes, virtual domains and aliases. It also features support for vacation/out-of-the-office messages.


  • Lightweight & secure image (no root process)
  • Based on Alpine Linux
  • Latest Postfixadmin version (3.1)
  • MariaDB/PostgreSQL driver
  • With PHP7

Built-time variables

  • VERSION : version of postfixadmin (default: 3.1)
  • GPG_SHORTID : short gpg key ID
  • GPG_FINGERPRINT : fingerprint of signing key


  • 8888

Environment variables

Variable Description Type Default value
UID postfixadmin user id optional 991
GID postfixadmin group id optional 991
DBDRIVER Database type: mysql, pgsql optional mysql
DBHOST Database instance ip/hostname optional mariadb
DBPORT Database instance port DOES NOT WORK ON MYSQL FOR NOW optional 3306
DBUSER Database database username optional postfix
DBNAME Database database name optional postfix
DBPASS Database database password or location of a file containing it required null
SMTPHOST SMTP server ip/hostname optional mailserver
DOMAIN Mail domain optional domainname value
ENCRYPTION Passwords encryption method optional dovecot:SHA512-CRYPT
PASSVAL_MIN_LEN Passwords validation: minimum password length optional 5
PASSVAL_MIN_CHAR Passwords validation: must contain at least characters optional 3
PASSVAL_MIN_DIGIT Passwords validation: must contain at least digits optional 2


# Full example :

  image: hardware/postfixadmin
  container_name: postfixadmin
  domainname: domain.tld
  hostname: mail
    - DBPASS=xxxxxxx
    - mailserver
    - mariadb # postgres (adjust accordingly)

How to setup

Docker Pull Command
Source Repository