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rTorrent&ruTorrent for qnap ContainerStation Login: rutorrent / p4ss_w0rd
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Default credentials: rutorrent / p4ss_w0rd

You can change this, by uploading httppassword file into your /download volume with content: username:password (check this for more details:

Video tutorial:
Sample configuration:
Install instruction:

  1. Install "Container station" app on your qnap nas
  2. Create some new network share/folder on your qnap nas volumen which will be used by rtorrent
  3. Upload your rtorrent configuration to the top dir created in step 5 as a "rtorrent.rc" file (notice lack of preceded dot)
  4. Go to "Container station" app and select "create container" tab and search for "harek/rtorrent-rutorrent-qnap-qts", then click install
  5. Type name for your image
  6. Go to advanced settings:
    on shared directories tab: set volumen created in step 2 for mount point /download (read-write access)
    Optionaly: you should change auto port to some fixed ports in network tab
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