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rTorrent&ruTorrent for qnap ContainerStation Login: rutorrent / p4ss_w0rd
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Default credentials: rutorrent / p4ss_w0rd

You can change this, by uploading httppassword file into your /download volume with content: username:password (check this for more details:

Video tutorial:
Sample configuration:
Install instruction:

  1. Install "Container station" app on your qnap nas
  2. Create some new network share/folder on your qnap nas volumen which will be used by rtorrent
  3. Upload your rtorrent configuration to the top dir created in step 5 as a "rtorrent.rc" file (notice lack of preceded dot)
  4. Go to "Container station" app and select "create container" tab and search for "harek/rtorrent-rutorrent-qnap-qts", then click install
  5. Type name for your image
  6. Go to advanced settings:
    on shared directories tab: set volumen created in step 2 for mount point /download (read-write access)
    Optionaly: you should change auto port to some fixed ports in network tab
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a year ago

Hi harek,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, I tried everything you suggested and still I am not able to login to rutorrent.

First off, the container is working without any issues. I've linked to the screenshot of rtorrent running in Container Station here:

The root directory that I enabled sharing in File Station is /Download/rtorrent/
That corresponds to the first part of your tutorial.

So when I created the image from your docker file in Container Station I used the folder selection to select "rtorrent" as the host path.

And then I typed out "/download" in the "mount point" field.

Here's a screenshot:

So beyond this I don't know why I can't login?

a year ago

Hello zoroaster!

First of all please verify again (probably you already did that) if there isn't any typo in filename or any blank character at end or/and beginning of httppassword file (please notice lack of period in filename).

This file should be placed in only one place, and this place is root directory which you selected as mountpoint for /Download volumen.

If you placed this file after container has started you should restart container.

Some questions:

  1. Is you container running without any issues? Please verify container status in Container Station app
  2. Check in container advanced setting if there is set correct share folder for /Download mount point.
    I hope that this could help you. If problem will still occur, let me know and leave comment here.


a year ago

Hi Harek,

I sincerely appreciate you taking your time and providing a step by step tutorial to get this running.

I'm unfortunately running into a problem of logging in. I tried the password you indicated, but that did not work. I put created an "httppassword" file and put a copy in each of the directories on my QNAP NAS:


But I continue to get the incorrect password message each time I try.

I made sure the file is read/write/executable as well.

I've yet to figure out why I can't login.

a year ago


Ad 1 - At the moment you can mount your Multimedia directory to /download mount point when you're installing this docker image, then you will have access to all directories/files in this dir.

If you want I can add some next mount point for my docker image for e.g. /multimedia, but I think that this one (/download) is enough.
You always can log into your NAS and symlink current rtorrent directory which is mounted to /download into /Multimedia, but this is a little bit hard to do.

Ad 2 - At the moment no, but will I try to add support for this :)


a year ago

Ok, thanks I have it running on the link shared, I retested to install it from the containner station and always gives me error.
With your perfect link
I have 2 questions.

  1. There are folders for defects or my qnap as multimedia downloads going on, that are not available in containner station, there is some way to join them in the rtorrent?

  2. It can be accessed through https?

Thank you very much for the trouble you have to solve my doubts, without their help we would not be working.

a year ago


This is strange error and I got this error too, but not only with my image and also with many others images. I think that this is problem with container station app because I don't have any idea why my image is abnormal. I checked container app logs and there are some errors with connecting to docker hub api and I think this cause that error.

As a workaround I propose to execute locally this commands (if you have docker installed):

docker pull harek/rtorrent-rutorrent-qnap-qts
docker save harek/rtorrent-rutorrent-qnap-qts > image.tar

And try to import imager.tar manually using container app station. I've exported that image for you: so you don't have to execute above commands.

a year ago

Hello, muhas thanks for the work you are doing in the application, l am trying to install new image and I rtorrent error in the continer staion qnap puts me: Failed to inspect image. This image is abnormal., Greetings

a year ago

Hello again,

I've just added authentication support for rutorrent (check description above). Please try install new image and if you have any ideas please feel free give me some feedback.


a year ago


I will try to add this feature in next few days.

a year ago

Hello, I'm trying and it works very well, is there any way to put a username and password to access rtorrent from outside the local network ?, thank you very much