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Coo-e nodeJS API
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*There is Vagrantfile for building a virtual machine to run this application**


  • at least 4GB of ram (preferably >=6)
  • at least a quad-core machine (2 cores allocated to the VM that will be spawned)
    1) Download virtualBox in order for vagrant to work:

Virtual Box Downloads page

2) Then you can install vagrant:

Vagrant download page

Install both for your respective platform (windows, osx, etc)

3) To set the hosts accordingly in order to get oAuth working install the hosts plugin for vagrant:


To Install:

vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostsupdater

4) Then you will be able to run sudo vagrant up --provider=virtualbox

It will take some time for vagrant machine to build and allow you to ssh into it:

5) sudo vagrant ssh


/CooeAPI/ is a mounted folder. This means that if you edit any files on your local box, virtual box
will reload them automatically. You do not have to scp into the VM in order to upload updated files.

Your folder CooeAPI/ on local will always have the same contents as /vagrant/ on the virtual machine
that has been created.

After you ssh into the vagrantbox, you can run the nvm install script

6) ./

If this fails to run, it may be because you have to chmod +x in order to make it executable.

Run the next 5 lines that are shown in this file, in order to source your .bashrc, install the 6.11.2 version of node,
install pm2 globally and locally install all npm dependencies for cooe api.

The final line in the script npm run dev starts pm2 in dev mode, with hot reloading.

You should be able to view in your browser at or at

The rethinkdb data explorer is visibile on port 8081.

If you have issues with networking or other errors when running vagrant commands please contact me on slack

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