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Docker image containing an Atomun build setup: multiple JDK installations + Python (for code-cov)
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Enter Atomun - the Java Bitcoin utility library collection.

This repository contains docker setup information to create builds of Atomun components.


This module will follow the guidelines set forth in Semantic Versioning 2.0


This library is covered under the MIT license as indicated in the LICENSE file.

Repository Details

The repository is managed using the Gitflow workflow. Note that any published
feature/* branches are subject to history modification, so beware working
off of those.

Signed and annotated tags will be added in the form vMAJOR.MINOR.MICRO to denote

Docker Build Output

Images will be provided via automated docker builds, with information viewable at:

Tag Signing

Tags will be signed by the following privately held hardware-based GPG key.

pub   3072R/B1DBAD54 2011-04-19
      Key fingerprint = 2F0A FF2E A8A0 1485 C95B  8650 F0A4 C0F7 B1DB AD54
uid                  Thomas Harning Jr <>
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