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Minimal Docker image for GitBucket
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Minimal Docker image for GitBucket

Initial Setup

These steps launch containers:

  • detached.
  • that automatically restart unless stopped.

To make GitBucket data persistent in your host $HOME directory

docker run -d --restart="unless-stopped" -v "$HOME/.gitbucket:/root/.gitbucket" --name gitbucket -p 8080:8080 harupong/gitbucket 

To keep GitBucket data persistent as Docker volume

docker volume create --name gb-data
docker run -d --restart="unless-stopped" -v gb-data:/root/.gitbucket --name gitbucket -p 8080:8080 harupong/gitbucket 

Start a container

If you've stopped the container

docker start <ID of stopped container> to restart it.

If your container is deleted

Execute the docker run command described above that fits your use case.


If you are keeping your data in your $HOME directory, then just make a copy of .gitbucket directory as backup.

If you've created a docker volume for your data, then read the official document to properly backup the volume.

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