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Paest Web


The default web interface for paest, a pastebin for hackers that keeps it



Initial Setup

  1. Clone repo

    git clone
  2. Install CLI tools

    sudo npm install -g grunt-cli grunt bower yo generator-angular
  3. Install client and grunt build dependencies

    bower install
    npm install
  4. Find and install an 'editorconfig' plugin in your IDE of choice



  1. Install latest dependencies (if *.json files have changed)

    bower install
    npm install
  2. Compile

    grunt build

    Built version of application will be availible in the 'dist' directory.


To serve live uncompressed tree with live-reload on change:

grunt serve

To serve live compiled version:

grunt serve:dist

By default application will be accessible at http://localhost:9000


The entire system, front-end, back-end and cache can be easily deployed using Docker

$ docker run --name redis -d redis
$ docker run --name paest-api --link redis:redis -d hashbang/paest-server
$ docker run --name paest-web --link paest-api:paest-api -d -p 80:80  hashbang/paest-web


This setup is compatable with the yo angular generator.

You can use any "yo angular" commands to generate boilerplate complete with
tests relevant to extension you want to make. You can of course just write
anything by hand and these are only here as optional helpers.

Some common commands:

# Controller
yo angular:controller controllerName

# Directive
yo angular:directive directiveName

# Route
yo angular:route someroute

# Service
yo angular:service serviceName

# View
yo angular:view someview

Dependency Management

In order to manage third party open source dependencies and ensure
compatibility and cross-dependency sanity, please use package managers.

As a general rule of thumb, if it is code you did not write and your project
needs it, it probably should be handeled by a package manager and not committed
to the repo. It also makes sure the git-stats are accurate which is valuable
to track team progress.

To add a client-side javascript dependency do:

bower install some-awesome-library --save

This will update the 'bower.json' file and ensure other developers install this
as well. It will also make best efforts to install a version of a library that
is compatible with existing libraries being used in the project.


To run all current tests:

grunt test

Further Reading

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