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Docker Tor
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Tor via docker

Building the image

docker build -t exherbo-tor .


There is no way to pass configuration, except mounting in the torrc into
the container like so: -v /etc/torrc:/etc/torrc. The tor process only
reads /etc/torrc inside the container.

An alias to the default network ip address docker gives to the container
is added to /etc/hosts as tor, so you might want to set SocksPort tor:9050
in your torrc.

By default, port 9050 is exposed.


First, create the container, e.g.:

docker run -d \
    --name tor \
    -v /etc/torrc:/etc/torrc \

You shouldn't use -p 9050:9050 or similar, which partly defeats
the purpose of this image. Instead, connect to the docker interface directly.
Get the container ip like so:

docker inspect --type container --format '{{ .NetworkSettings.IPAddress }}' tor
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