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Available environment configuration

Variable Default value Description
PORT 3306 Specify the MySQL Service Port
MAX_CONNECTIONS 100 Specified the maximum of parallel connections allowed to use the service
MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD If set, the root password will be set to this password (only if data-dir was non existent on startup)
MYSQL_DATABASE If set, this database will be created (only if data-dir was non existent on startup)
MYSQL_USER If set, this user will be created (only if data-dir was no existent on startup)
MYSQL_PASSWORD If set, this $MYSQL_USER will be created with this password
LOG_BIN Base filename for binary logs (will enable binary logs)
LOG_BIN_INDEX Location of the log-bin index file
MAX_ALLOWED_PACKET 16M The maximum size of one packet
QUERY_CACHE_SIZE 16M The amount of memory allocated for caching query results
INNODB_LOG_FILE_SIZE 48M Size in bytes of each log file in the log group
QUERY_CACHE_TYPE 1 Set the query cache type 0=OFF, 1=ON, 2=DEMAND
SYNC_BINLOG 0 Controls the number of binary log commit groups to collect before synchronizing the binary log to disk. When sync_binlog=0, the binary log is never synchronized to disk, and when sync_binlog is set to a value greater than 0 this number of binary log commit groups is periodically synchronized to disk. When sync_binlog=1, all transactions are synchronized to the binary log before they are committed
INNODB_BUFFER_POOL_SIZE 128M The size in bytes of the buffer pool, the memory area where InnoDB caches table and index data
INNODB_FLUSH_METHOD Defines the method used to flush data to the InnoDB data files and log files, which can affect I/O throughput
INNODB_OLD_BLOCKS_TIME 1000 Non-zero values protect against the buffer pool being filled up by data that is referenced only for a brief period, such as during a full table scan. Increasing this value offers more protection against full table scans interfering with data cached in the buffer pool.
INNODB_FLUSH_LOG_AT_TRX_COMMIT 1 Controls the balance between strict ACID compliance for commit operations, and higher performance that is possible when commit-related I/O operations are rearranged and done in batches. You can achieve better performance by changing the default value, but then you can lose up to a second of transactions in a crash.

Galera specific settings

Variable Default value Description
GALERA If set the galera extension will be enabled
CLUSTER_NAME Unique Name that identified the Galera Cluster
NODE_NAME Unique Node name that identified this node instance
CLUSTER_ADDRESS gcomm:// style resource identifier that provides topology information about the Galera Cluster
REPLICATION_PASSWORD Password for the replication user which will be needed to allow state transfers using xtrabackupv2 method

Running MariaDB in Standalone Mode

docker run -i -t --rm \
-e TIMEZONE=Europe/Berlin \
-e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=securepassword \

Running MariaDB in Galera Cluster Mode

For known limitations have a look at

Initializing a new cluster

docker run -i -t --rm \
-e TIMEZONE=Europe/Berlin \
-e GALERA=On \
-e NODE_NAME=node1 \
-e CLUSTER_NAME=test \
-e CLUSTER_ADDRESS=gcomm://ipOrHost1,ipOrHost2,ipOrHost3 \
hauptmedia/mariadb:10.1 --wsrep-new-cluster

Joining a node to the cluster

docker run -i -t --rm \
-e TIMEZONE=Europe/Berlin \
-e GALERA=On \
-e NODE_NAME=node2 \
-e CLUSTER_NAME=test \
-e CLUSTER_ADDRESS=gcomm://ipOrHost1,ipOrHost2,ipOrHost3 \

Please note: if you don't specify the timezone the server will run with UTC time

Recover strategies

To fix a split brain in a failed cluster make sure that only one node remains in the cluster and run

SET GLOBAL wsrep_provider_options='pc.bootstrap=true';

For more information about recovering a galera cluster have a look at

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