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Hazelcast Management Center Docker Image
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Hazelcast Management Center

Hazelcast Management Center enables you to monitor and manage your cluster members running Hazelcast IMDG. In addition to monitoring the overall state of your clusters, you can also analyze and browse your data structures in detail, update map configurations and take thread dumps from members. You can run scripts (JavaScript, Groovy, etc.) and commands on your members with its scripting and console modules.

You can check Hazelcast IMDG Documentation and Management Center Documentation for more information.

Quick Start

You can launch Hazelcast Management Center by simply running the following command. please check available versions for $MANAGEMENT_CENTER on Docker Store

docker run -ti -p 8080:8080 hazelcast/management-center:$MANAGEMENT_CENTER

Now you can reach Hazelcast Management Center from your browser using the URL http://localhost:8080/mancenter.

If you are running the Docker image in the cloud, you should use a public IP of your machine instead of localhost.

docker ps and docker inspect <container-id> can be used to find host-ip. Once you find out host-ip, you can browse Hazelcast Management Center using the URL: http://host-ip:8080/mancenter.

Hazelcast Member Configuration

As a prerequisite, Hazelcast Cluster Member Containers should be launched with Management Center Enabled mode. This can be achieved by using a custom hazelcast.xml configuration file while launching the Hazelcast Member Container. For more information please refer to the Using Hazelcast Configuration File section.

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