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Based on rpi apache2+php5 server
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Docker image: rpi-lap

Based on


Raspbian + apache2 + php5 docker image with some customization:

  • mod_rewrite apache2 module enabled
  • DocumentRoot set to /var/www/public
  • /etc/apt/sources.list modified to include jessie-updates and to use Polish mirror by default
  • WORKDIR set to /var/www/
  • ENTRYPOINT set to autostart apache2 service


Create the folder

mkdir <path_to_your_datadir>/public

Pull the git repositories

git pull <path-to-your-repo-git>

Place the website source at the right place

cd <path-to-your-folder-git>/src

cp -R ./ <path_to_your_datadir>/public

Run the image

There are two main run-time settings that may need to be passed to newly created container from this image:

  • Container provides HTTP service on port 80. If you want this port to be published on host interfaces add -p 80:80 to your docker run statement
  • There is no VOLUME statement in Dockerfile, so data volume must be attached when starting container by adding -v <path_to_your_datadir>:/var/www/ to your docker run statement

Compile the image yourself


To successfully start a new container using this image please specify port (here port 80) and volume options as in following example:
docker run -dp 80:80 -v <path_to_your_datadir>:/var/www/ --name <your-app-name> hbaltz/rpi-lap


This docker image is best suited for simple PHP applications that do not require database backend. It works well not only with simple PHP websites, but also with ie. Laravel framework (just mount your project under /var/www).

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