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Reverse proxy for Windows containers using IIS URL rewriting
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Work in progress
A reverse proxy implemented using the IIS URL rewrite module. Does HTTPS offload (currently creates a self signed certificate).
$jsonstring = Get-Content "$PSScriptRoot\servers.json" -Raw
$jsonstring = $jsonstring -replace '"','\"'
docker run -d --name iisrp -p 443:443 hbuckle/iis-reverse-proxy "$jsonstring" ""

Where servers.json is a json array with the following format

"externalHostname": "server1",
"containerHostname": "server1",
"appPath": "somepath"
"externalHostname": "server1",
"containerHostname": "server1",
"appPath": "somepath"

This will create a reverse proxy with an external hostname that redirects to http://<containerhostname>/<appPath>
You will need to create the other containers with hostnames using the the -h option on docker run
See here for a complete example

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