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Postgres 9.3 with local data dir: /usr/local/pgsql/data. Database defined with UTF-8 encoding.
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Postgres 9.3

Postgres 9.3 running against local data directory with UTF-8 defined as the default encoding. The server listens to all network addresses and allow connections from all hosts.

The PG server need to be started manually from within the container:

docker run -it --name postgres -p 5432:5432 hcloli/postgres-9.3:v003 /bin/bash

After that start PG using the following command:

[ root@6e508cd5d170:/data ]$ startpg

In order to stop PG, issue the following command:

[ root@6e508cd5d170:/data ]$ stoppg

It is possible to exit to docker environment while leaving the containerrunning using ^p^q.

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