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Cardano ($ADA) settlement layer node
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Note this is all work in progress. Ideally just have a look at the Dockerfiles to see
how I setup Cardano and Deadalus on my Ubuntu machine.

How to run Cardano ($ADA) Daedalus wallet on Linux


Build cardano-sl and Daedalus images

git clone
cd cardano-daedalus-docker
docker-compose build


To clean up the wallet database lock file, allow local X11 connections and start the containers,
you can simply execute the startup script:


Prebuilt images

Please note that these Docker images are quite big and will
mostly become absolete once the Daedalus wallet for Linux is released.

Please check:


If you have a question, please PM me (@hcvst) here or on Telegram (or
This was tested with the following docker host systems:

  • Arch
  • Ubuntu 16.04

If you would like to help:

  • The images are big. I initially tried alpine but got stuck (perhaps one can use nixOS directly?) Update: I have added cardano-sl-nix
  • Are for the daedalus-ds build both nix-builds in the Dockerfile required or would the second suffice? Update: It seems to be enough to build the release only as per the nix image.
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