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Query importer
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QueryImporter Utility

This a tool to assist installing and updating queries into the Mongo database on the Hub. This script is meant to be run on the hub and will talk directly to the Mongo database.

The general order of operations for this script are:

  1. Clone down the queries repository ( into a tmp/ directory
  2. Check the queries repo for integrity, i.e. expected folder structure:
    • queries_repo/queries/
    • queries_repo/functions/
    • If these directories are not intact the importer cannot proceed.
  3. Open files in the queries/ and functions/ directories and format the data into objects that can be pushed into the appropriate collections in the MongoDB.
  4. Pushes the queries or functions into the MongoDB.
    • Currently the behaviour is the update ALL entries if they exist, or to create a new one.
    • Matches on the title field in the queries collection
    • Matches on the title field in the library_functions collection for function names.


Run the script from within the queryImporter directory.

This will run the importer on the local MongoDB:

nodejs index.js import --mongo-host= --mongo-db=query_composer_development --mongo-port=27017

Specifiy a username to push the scripts into the database with: --hdc-user=USERNAME, not the username must exist in the users collection in the existing MongoDB.

You may specify environment variables in typical NodeJS fashion, for example:

RECLONE=true BRANCH=HDC-0.1.4 REPO=<someUrl> nodejs index.js import --mongo-host= --mongo-db=query_composer_development --mongo-port=27017

Environment variables avaiable are:

  • RECLONE (default: true) - tells the importer to delete any old queries it finds and pull down a fresh copy.
  • REPO (default: HDC queries repo) - the repository to pull queries from.
  • BRANCH (default: "master") - the branch to checkout when cloning, this may also be a tag name, e.g. "HDC-0.1.0"
  • SKIP_INITS (default: false) - determines whether to overwrite the initiatives() function with the default initiatives and remove all physician history.

    Other variables can be found in src/constants.js, however DO NOT use them unless you know what you are doing!

Future Work

The following are a list of things that could be updated/changed about the current implementation of the tool:

  • Pull reduce functions for the appropriate location in the repo. There is currently a hardcoded string that is the reduce function, this is not ideal....
  • Linting of the queries and functions
    • We currently assume the user knows what they are doing......
  • Change the update/overwrite behaviour to support a more robust understanding of a query lifecycle.
    • This will likely require some significant changes



This tool requires a MongoDB service to be running at the desired location. The tool has been tested on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, we have not tested it in any other environments.

NodeJS version 0.12.2 or greater is required. The default NodeJS installed via sudo apt-get install node is version 0.10.xx, this will not work. If you can't get a newer version installed/built, try:

  • npm install -g n - n is a tool for managing different versions of nodejs.
  • sudo n stable - gets the last stable version of NodeJS and installs
  • You may be required to run the newer version with: n use 0.xx.xx

If you can find a better fix for this problem of Ubuntu's NodeJS version please update this file.

Node Modules

The following dependencies are required to run the importer:

  • fs - NodeJS File System library
  • assert - NodeJS Assert Library
  • async - NodeJS Asynchronous behavior management library.
  • mongoose - Tool for managing data models in MongoDB
  • mongodb - Native JS library for interacting with MongoDB
  • minimist - Library for parsing arguments to the script

Use the following to install all dependencies: npm install assert async fs minimist mongodb mongoose

Or just run: npm install to use the dependencies in package.json

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