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Derek Allard's BambooInvoice originally available at that I Dockerized
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BambooInvoice in Docker

I've forked Derek Allard's BambooInvoice that helped me so hugely when I started out freelancing and dockerized it so I can still send invoices, only now from my CoreOS host :-)

Running the database container

The official mysql container won't work with bambooinvoice out of the box. You have to remove ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY from the SQL mode e.g.

docker run -d --name bamboo-db \
    -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=yourpass \
    -e MYSQL_USER=bambooinvoice \
    -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=bambooinvoice \
    -e MYSQL_DATABASE=bambooinvoice \
    mysql:latest \

Running the web container

The Dockerfile packaged with this project contains an ONBUILD instruction that requires 3 bamboo configuration files. So start with your own Dockerfile based off the one in this repo:

  1 FROM hdejager/bamboo-invoice
  2 MAINTAINER Hannes de Jager <>
  4 COPY php.ini-development /usr/local/etc/php/php.ini

and place as siblings in the directory:

  • config.php
  • database.php
  • email.php
  • logo.(jpg|png)

Start by copying the ones in /web/bamboo_system_files/application/config/ in the source and modify for your environment.

Build: docker build -t mybambooinvoice .

and run while making sure to set the BASE_URL:

docker run -d --name ia-bamboo-web -e BASE_URL='' -p 80:80 --link bamboo-db:db mybambooinvoice


Example email.php for gmail

$config['protocol'] = 'smtp';
$config['smtp_host'] = 'ssl://';
$config['smtp_user'] = '';
$config['smtp_pass'] = 'yourpassword';
$config['smtp_port'] = '465';
$config['newline'] = "\r\n"; // This is what makes it work with GMAIL
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