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LaTeX container built for ARM architecture.
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LaTeX docker container for Raspberry Pi


This docker was created for the sole purpose of generating PDF files through texliveonfly.

texliveonfly will take care of downloading any other packages needed to compile the .tex file and generate the .pdf. To keep texliveonfly from downloading the packages every time you run this docker, I would suggest building a new Dockerfile for your LaTeX project with this as your base image. Then run tlmgr to install the rest of the packages needed for your project.

Notes to remember

Tex Live 2016 (latest)

The container has the plain TeX environment as well as the base LaTeX packages, recommended fonts, and recommended latex packages. It also has the packages for US/UK English, metapost, and XeTeX.


To use the default pdflatex compiler:

docker run -v `pwd`:/source headgeekette/rpi-latex [filename].tex

To use XeTeX:

docker run -v `pwd`:/source headgeekette/rpi-latex --compiler=xetex [filename].tex


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