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Our dashing image
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Run Dashing in a Docker container.

Link: hearstat/alpine-dashing


Two versions are current supported.

  • Out of the box Dashing w/ Font Awesome 3.2.1 DockerFile
  • Modified version of Dashing running Font Awesome 4.5 Dockerfile

Supported Widgets

Widgets that support Font Awesome 4.5 config and Environment being set via the dashing.conf mentioned below.


docker run -d -p 8080:3030 hearstat/alpine-dashing

And point your browser to http://localhost:8080/.



To provide a custom dashboard, use container volume /dashing/dashboards:

docker run -v=/path/to/dashboards:/dashing/dashboards -d -p 8080:3030 hearstat/alpine-dashing

(Don't forget to also provide the layout.erb)


To provide custom jobs, use container volume /dashing/jobs:

docker run -v=/my/cool/job:/dashing/jobs -d -p 8080:3030 hearstat/alpine-dashing


To install custom widgets supply the gist IDs via yaml file:


- 47b71cb4920fb6df1a45 #Docker Hub Widget
- 7a346fa63e2aa5b56588 #Github News Feed
docker run -v=/path/to/widgets.yml:/dashing/widgets.yml -d -p 8080:3030 hearstat/alpine-dashing

Also you can use local custom widgets

docker run -v=/my/cool/widgets:/widgets -d -p 8080:3030 hearstat/alpine-dashing


To install gems, just mount a Gemfile. Though it's recommended this is you baseline gems

(you can remove the newrelic_api if you choose to provide your own widgets.yml without newrelic)


source ''

gem 'dashing'
gem 'faraday'
gem 'nokogiri'
gem 'mechanize'
docker run -d -v=/path/to/Gemfile:/dashing/Gemfile -p 8080:3030 hearstat/alpine-dashing

Public (favicon, 404)

To provide custom 404 and favicon, use container volume /dashing/public.

Configuration File

The configuration file is available on volume /dashing/config.

Edit this file to change your API key, to add authentication and more.

The configuration file dashing.conf is also available in the same location and is sourced at start up.

Edit/Add to this file for environment variables as needed for widget config.

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