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Execute an Ansible playbook to update your Docker containers

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This is a specialization of heatlamp that uses Ansible to orchestrate updates. Each webhook execution will run the latest version of an Ansible playbook found in a git repository.


Configure heatlamp/ansible by setting the following environment variables in the heatlamp container.

HEATLAMP_ANSIBLE_REPO: (required) URL of a git repository containing the playbook you wish to execute.

HEATLAMP_ANSIBLE_BRANCH: Branch to checkout within the cloned git repository. (Default: master)

HEATLAMP_ANSIBLE_PLAYBOOK: Filesystem path, relative to the repository root, of the Ansible playbook to execute. (Default: site.yml)

HEATLAMP_ANSIBLE_MODULES: Filesystem path, relative to the repository root, of any custom Ansible modules to include in the execution. (Default: none)

HEATLAMP_ANSIBLE_GROUPS: Comma-separated list of host groups to inject localhost into with the generated inventory file. This is useful for getting host: lines to match properly, even if you're only intending to run tasks that target the current host. (Default: none)

HEATLAMP_ANSIBLE_TAGS: Comma-separated list of tags used to constrain the playbook execution. (Default: none)

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