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Lightweight SMTP client.
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Hectane is a lightweight SMTP client designed to simplify the task of sending emails. Emails can be routed through the application either via SMTP or through Hectane's friendly HTTP API.

This container provides an easy way to run the application.


This container is capable of running with no arguments:

docker run -d hectane/hectane

When invoking Docker, you may also want to include the following flags:

  • use -p 25:25 to expose the SMTP client to the host
  • use -p 8025:8025 to expose the HTTP API to the host

The application itself supports a number of flags:

  • use -directory to specify where the mail queue should be stored (be sure to also pass the -v flag to Docker and mount a volume from the host so that messages persist beyond the container lifetime)
  • use -disable-ssl-verification if you are having issues delivering to certain addresses (a surprising number of mail servers have misconfigured certificates)

More flags can be found on GitHub.


The container is updated at least once per week via an automated Jenkins task, although commits to the repository will also trigger updates.

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